Open Access Colonoscopy

Open access colonoscopy scheduling is for asymptomatic patients who wish to arrange screening colonoscopy for colon cancer prevention.  This process eliminates the pre-procedure clinic visit, thereby making the screening process more convenient for you.

We ask that you have a referring physician that we can communicate results too.  After contacting our office, our scheduling staff will obtain a brief history from you that includes your past medical and surgical history as well as your current medications and allergies (please see question forms below).

The scheduling staff will go over the procedure preparation with you and schedule your appointment for a colonoscopy.  There will be a procedure packet for you to pick up which will include your preparation instructions.

Our gastroenterologists will meet you at the time of the procedure.  After the procedure, they will talk to you about your findings.  Any pathology results will be mailed to you and your referring physician, as well as recommended follow up.

By providing patients with this open access colonoscopy, we hope this will help you to arrange your colon cancer screening easier and more conveniently.

Please contact our office for any questions, or speak to your primary care physician.

The open access question forms are below for you to download and answer prior to contacting us.

Also, please visit our  York County Endoscopy Center  page for information on our freestanding ambulatory surgical center.

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