Specializing in diseases of the digestive system
+  Our Staff

We have very devoted and helpful staff members at our clinic.

-The front desk staff at our Rock Hill Office will help you with your check in process and filling out your paper work.  They arrange appointments for both of our offices.  They also answer phone calls and take messages from our patients.

-Our billing and insurance staff is responsible for insurance claims, posting of payments to your account, and can also help answer questions about your account, co-pays, and deductibles related to your medical insurance.  

-Our scheduling staff at the Rock Hill office are responsible for arranging all procedure scheduling and instructions, including our open access colonoscopies. They also assist in answering questions about procedures and rescheduling of procedures if necessary.

-We provide ultrasound services at our office and have a very helpful and friendly ultrasound tech that will help instruct you through the ultrasound procedure.